Tale of the Tassi


The Tassi started as a simple idea by my Aunt Dot, who came up with a solution to the “hair problem” for her three teenage daughters. I began using Aunt Dot’s “hairwrap” at the age of 12 to wash my face each night. After using the hairwrap for many years and as a young mother, I lost my only hairwrap.

I resorted to using a headband, putting my long hair in a ponytail and then tucking my ponytail into the back of my shirt or nightgown so my hair wouldn’t fall forward while I washed my face and brushed my teeth. It was a pain!

At that point, I realized how essential the hairwrap was and how useful it would be to women everywhere. I made another hairwrap and haven’t been without one since. Every night when I put it on to wash my face, I thought to myself, “I love this!”

Over the years while raising five children, I refined and developed Aunt Dot’s original concept. Eventually, Aunt Dot and I obtained a patent, and I began selling Tassies from my home in Arizona by word of mouth. Women loved them and even became as passionate as I was about the Tassi. Many would buy three, six and even twelve Tassies at a time to send as gifts to friends and family.

Now, after using the Tassi for nearly 40 years and with all but one of my children grown and gone, I am ready (and finally able) to share the Tassi with women everywhere. I hope you come to love it as much as I do!