Tassi a “Hair-Wrapping Wonder”

November 11th, 2010

Here is a great review of Tassi from the Best Things in Beauty blog on Wed., Nov. 10, 2010:

“Tassi is one of those “simple genius” products – you’ll wonder why you never thought of this hair-wrapping wonder.

“Everything I’ve used in the past to keep my hair out of my face while I was washing my face, using a treatment mask, or bending over for any purpose has had negative effects on my hair style. Hair clips create crimps; elastic ponytail holders rearrange my hair style; headbands give me hat hair (flat on top). I’ve never used an ideal solution – until now.

“I was sent a bright pink Tassi to try. I was captivated the first time I used it. Granted, I look totally dorky in it – something like granny in a pink bonnet. It’s not a look you want to share outside of your immediate family, even though Tassi is available in a range of colors and prints. Tassi is a tool you won’t want to be without. Once you try a Tassi, you’ll be hooked.

“Just slip a Tassi over your head, roll it up over your hairline, and slip any long hair into the gently elasticized ring. It’s as fast as any other method, but way more effective if you wish to preserve your hair style.

“There’s a sale underway. Instead of the usual price of $14.99 per Tassi, you can purchase one for $10.04, a holiday discount price. Buy two so that you can share this little miracle with a friend over the holidays, and shipping will be free. Can’t beat that for a stocking stuffer!

“Don’t want pink? How about Purple or Aquamarine? Don’t want a solid? How about Leopard or Zebra? Charlie might be startled by the new cat in the room, but I’d be right in style. Got a kid with a small head? You can buy a Tiny Tassi, 30% smaller than the regular Tassi (regular works for me).”

More Tassi Love

September 16th, 2010

Check out the latest testimonials in “Tassi Talk” in our Community Section. We love that you love Tassi too.

New Colors for Fall!

September 16th, 2010

LEOPARD! LIPSTICK RED! PURE PURPLE! These new Tassi colors will be arriving in October to join Tassi’s rainbow of colors. Keep checking the new “Featured Products” section on our home page to find out when you can get them.

Tiny Tassi is Here!

September 16th, 2010

We are proud to introduce a Child Size Tassi in Pink Polka Dot. The Tiny Tassi is 30% smaller than our regular Tassi and is perfect for children and women with smaller heads. Currently, the Tiny Tassi is only available in Pink Polka Dot. This will make a great Christmas gift for a daughters, nieces and granddaughters.

New Website Look and Features

September 16th, 2010

Today we unveiled our updated website. We hope the new look and features make your online Tassi shopping experience easy and fun. Let us know how you like it. And we are always open to suggestions.

Celebrity Looks for Less: Oh, how I love my Tassi!

August 31st, 2009

Oh, how we love the following review from Celebrity Looks for Less:

Oh, how I love my Tassi! let me count the ways!! I know I’m going to sound like an infomercial on this one, but I can’t help myself. Do you ever find yourself so passionate about something that you start promoting it to anyone that will listen? My latest discovery is something that I got for Christmas and refused to try for 8 months, now I refuse to take it off. The Tassi is a super absorbent double elastic terry cloth hair wrap (your hair sits in the terry cloth between the two pieces of covered elastic) and I would wear in public if it was socially acceptable.

Sometimes I hate being a girl and the time that it takes to get ready. On weekends, I just want to lounge around when I get out of the shower, or let my hair air dry, but I don’t want to lay on my couch with a wet towel on my head? The Tassi is so absorbent and comfy that I have fallen asleep in it a few times without my pillow getting wet. No more bulky towel turbans are necessary. Now I’m so attached that I wear it around the house (more often than I should admit) because it keeps my hair out of my face. I can easily wash my face without my hairline getting wet and don’t have to take the time to put in a ponytail holder. The Tassi is much more comfy than a ponytail holder because you can lean back on your couch without a ponytail sticking out of the back of your head, and its much better on your hair.

Have I covered everything that I love about it? Oh, and they come in a variety of colors. I have teal, which is quite alarming when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I hope Santa puts a white one in my stocking this year. My friends laugh at me and think that I’ve lost it. They’re probably right. Just thought I’d share my discovery with the rest of the world.

Zebra, Polka Dot and Whatever We Want!

August 30th, 2009


We have been working on this for a long time — Tassies in Zebra and Pink Polka Dots! Here is a picture of my daughter Hanna (on right) and her friend Emma modeling the new Tassies. They should be available the end of October.

What do you think? I would love to get your feedback.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions for Tassi.

Isn’t this fun?


Tassi Recommended for Second Day Hair

August 3rd, 2009

Premium Guide Hair.com recommends Tassi for managing second day hair:

We all know that we shouldn’t wash our hair everyday, but it’s not as easy for us curlies. Our strands get knotty and frizzy, and all we want to do is jump in shower and shampoo! So, we decided to put together a guide on how to tame your second day mane.

1. Keep hair down when you go to sleep. Overnight hair ties cause major creases and can even cause breakage.

2. In the shower, wear hair up in a shower cap like Benefit’s Satin Cap or use a Tassi. Point the shower nozzle downward so you can shave your legs without getting your hair soaked.

3. Don’t even attempt to brush. Instead, smooth out frizz and detangle with a couple drops of serum like Ken Paves Shine Serum.

4. For stubborn strands that shape your face, re-wet using a spray bottle and re-style like your normally do.

5. If oily hair is your issue, try using a dry shampoo or The All Nighter Styling Powder – a color matched, gently scented silk powder that absorbs excess oil.

6. Still not happy? Before you throw your hair up in a bun, try a headband or a pretty hair clip. France Luxe has a great selection!

Use Tassi on Hot Summer Days

July 20th, 2009

Here is a review of Tassi from Stefani at Mommy Enterprises:

Ever had one of those bad hair days when you just want your hair out of your face? How about when you are trying to put on your makeup and think it would be easier if your hair was somewhere else but in your way? If you know what I mean, you need a Tassi!

A Tassi is a patented product that will make it easy for you to keep your hair away and out of your face. They are made with a very comfortable stretch terry cloth. I received a Tassi and have been using it to keep my hair off the back of my neck during this hot summer heat! Today it is 106 in sunny California. I have been wearing my Tassi today around the house while I clean. The Tassi goes on your head in three very easy steps. Unlike other hair products, the Tassi does not mess up your hair.

I received the lavender Tassi! When my husband first saw me with it, he was like what the heck do you have on your head. I just smiled and say my Tassi! He asked me if I wanted him to take a picture of me with it on. Sorry, I told him no! No funny pictures of me on my blog today!

Ms. Fitness (Summer 2009, pg. 27)

June 22nd, 2009

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