Of all your hair accessories the Tassi will be the one you will come to love. Every morning you use hair accessories while getting ready for your day and how many times have you asked yourself ” There’s gotta be a better way to hold my hair away from my face”. Hair accessories like pins, headbands, towels, all have frustrating things about them that you hate every morning. Of all the hair accessories out there, you will want to keep or give to friends it the Tassi; a hair wrap that doesn’t pinch, leave indentations, or give you a headache. It’s a cute and stylish way to get your hair outta there.

Tassi – Form or Function?

While Tassi Hair Care Products are a stylish way to get ready in the morning, you can also wear them while you hang around the house, cook, clean, even shop! If you don’t want your hair in your face and still want to look good doing it try a Tassi Hair Care Product.

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    The Best Way To Hold Your Hair Since . . . EVER!